Sleep is everything. And I am here to help you and your little one get more of it.

Have you landed here looking for advice for your little one’s sleep? I can help! At Nurturing the Slumber we go beyond what you’ve read in books or on blogs to take the stress & overwhelm out of the whole “sleep thing” and give you the confidence. Ditch the exhaustion and live your well-rested best life!

Hello there. I am Bhakti Parikh, a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant & a mother of a toddler, who has had firsthand experience with the current struggle you’re going through, which means you’re in the right place.

Just like you, I sat down on the google and searched for answers. This led me to discover there were angels called sleep consultants that could help!!!

Nurturing the slumber came into existence because I was in your shoes a few years ago. As a parent myself, I know exactly how each family and individual function differently which is why your child’s personality, along with your own parenting style, plays into how I approach creating a custom plan for your little one.


Sleep learning is for you if you want to

Rest for child

Use methods that take into account your child’s brain development and sleep needs


Take care child’s emotional well-being


Have longer stretches of night time sleep

Longer naps

Help your baby take longer, more predictable naps

Calm baby

Never leave your baby to cry-it-out

Required sleep

Be sure your baby is getting enough sleep

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About me.

Hello there, I am Bhakti Parikh, a certified sleep consultant, and my journey as a sleep consultant began with my own experience after understanding the impact sleep deprivation can have on the family.
Every article I read on Sleep was promising but with the amount of information out there, I was so confused and landed up mixing up all the knowledge. After going through months of sleepless nights, I decided to become a certified Sleep consultant, which means I have done the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is – understand and use the tools in a way I guide you to and the best sleep of your life is not far away!

Bhakti Parikh

certified sleep consultant

Empowering the sleepless parent

Choose a sleep plan that suits your family

Newborn Sleep Support

0-4 months old

● 60 minute counseling video call
● Creating a comfortable sleeping environment
● Establishing and maintaining a suitable and comfortable family sleep routine
● Creating a sleep schedule for each age
● Lengthening naps and decreasing catnaps
● Eradicating accumulated over- or under-tiredness
● Getting ready for the baby's anticipated sleep regression
● Reducing night waking and, in some situations, obtaining nighttime sleep
● Explanation of human newborn sleep biology
● Discussion of current sleep patterns and concerns

    Fee: ₹   3000

Pick my Brain Program

You don’t want to commit but pick my brains for your child’s sleep habits, environment, and routine - this is the plan for you. Get on a one hour call with me and we will cover the following activities:

● Customising your child’s schedule
● Consolidating Naps
● Steps to improve on your child’s sleep
● Noticing any red flags

    Fee: ₹   2000

Independent Sleep Program

4 Months - 4 Years

● Working on child's schedule based on their age appropriate sleep needs
● Working on short naps / cat naps
● Removing accumulated over or undertiredness
● Established independent sleep habits via sleep methods
● Sleep methods are worked based child's temperament and parenting philosophy

Work timings: 9am - 1pm
How we work:

● On enrollement you are asked to fill a form about child's schedule
● 1 hour training call on the day of starting the program
● Customised sleep plan and guides are sent when we start the program
● Daily time alloted support via whatsapp message / voice notes only
● 1:1 daily message support to handhold you and guide through the program

₹   9000/- 5PM -5PM WhatsApp text support
₹   2000/- 9AM -9PM Additional WhatsApp Support

Follow up call

Anyone who has been on independent or book my brain program
Book your follow-up session for a personalized review of your baby or toddler's sleep journey.

● 40-minute call
● Previous sleep advice reviewed and adjusted as needed
● Updated guidance provided on sleep expectations and surroundings
● Email summary of session and relevant materials included
● Not available for newborn sessions.

    Fee: ₹   1200

Our Program

What do sleep programs include?


A comprehensive assessment of your baby's sleep environment, habit routine, health to create a personalized plan.

Custom Sleep plan

A step-by-step PDF Guide of your sleep plan that you can have with you at all times, so that you’re confident making changes around the clock.

Consulting call

A step-by-step PDF Guide of your sleep plan that you can have with you at all times, so that you’re confident making changes around the clock.

Unlimited Support

Throughout the program I will stay in touch with you, to give you the encouragement and knowledge needed and fall in love with the changes.
(Working hours 9am - 1pm)


You will be given an e-guide to help address concerns, and be aware of any future obstacles.

Closing call

A final call to celebrate life as a well rested parents with your little sweet sleeper.


The right time for sleep training is when you are ready. Still confused on what to do, book a call.



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My process involves getting to understand you better and see how best I can help you. Share your child’s story with me on call & I will see if I can help you. Let’s discover how we can make this happen.